Speaking on Business: Mountain Land Physical Therapy

Mountain Land Physical Therapy is providing comprehensive and diverse physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Chris Redgrave Oct 5, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

When it comes to recovery from an injury or surgery, the goal is to get back in motion as quickly as possible. The team at Mountain Land Physical Therapy is motivated to provide comprehensive and diverse physical therapy and rehabilitation services, customized to your needs. This company, with 420 employees, has steadily grown since it opened 32 years ago and now has clinic locations in Utah, Idaho, Montana and California.

Company president Mark Anderson says the goal for Mountain Land Physical Therapy is to increase patients’ mobility and independence, so their services are offered for outpatient, in-patient and in-home situations. With 37 clinics throughout Utah and Idaho, major growth has come from serving rural areas. In many communities, they were the first physical therapy shop in town; for example, in Moab, Blanding, Monticello and Kanab, and staff members are relocated to be a part of the community in which they operate. As technology advances Mountain Land will offer telehealth in situations where it makes sense.

Mountain Land Physical Therapy is structured to give therapists the opportunity to build and grow within their clinic by providing opportunities for ownership. For example, one therapist started on the Wasatch Front then relocated to Moab, and 24 years later he is heavily involved in the community.

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Mountain Land Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
With locations throughout the Western United States including Utah, Idaho, Montana and California

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