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IHT in Blackfoot started to protect Idaho’s most famous crop, potatoes.

Chris Redgrave Oct 23, 2018

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IHT in Blackfoot started to protect Idaho’s most famous crop…potatoes. Once harvested, the potatoes are placed in storage for up to a year, and there’s lots of diseases the potatoes are susceptible to during that time with some of the worst that are spread through the air. Until a few years ago, a chemical treatment was the only option to protect the potatoes; however, IHT created a machine that scrubs pathogens from the air while adding humidity, to protect the potatoes from disease.

Company president Blake Isaacs took the business over from his dad, Garry, who founded the business five years ago, and says IHT is selling their innovative product to customers in 9 states and 4 Canadian provinces. 80 percent of their business is from repeat customers who understand what the machine does and have witnessed it protecting their crops while in storage.

A little over a year ago, Blake applied for and received a grant from the Idaho Department of Commerce in partnership with Idaho State University to research developing IHT’s signature product for markets beyond potato and vegetable storage. Early tests have been promising, and Blake and his staff are building a smaller prototype to test the machine’s ability.

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