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Wilderness Wireless is providing high-speed Internet services to rural areas in Idaho.

Chris Redgrave Oct 26, 2018

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The state of Idaho is experiencing impressive growth which is catching national attention, like moving up 9 spots on CNBC’s ranking of America’s Top States for Business, with a GDP that grew by 2.7 percent last year and employment increased by 3 percent. While populated areas are growing more quickly, companies like Wilderness Wireless are supporting growth in the Gem State’s rural areas by offering broadband internet access.

Company president Neil Neiwert said the focus for Wilderness Wireless is mainly residential customers but they also serve business customers like school districts, libraries and banks as well as some municipalities. They have built a network based on fiber connections with long-distance point-to-point radio links that allows them to provide wireless broadband internet service to remote areas. Wilderness Wireless holds FCC-regulated spectrum licenses to deliver reliable, high-quality internet service.

Wilderness Wireless is providing high-speed Internet services to rural areas in Idaho, like Idaho City, Garden Valley, Centerville, McCall and Parma. Their dedication is increasing the state’s competitiveness by providing broadband Internet access to places that can benefit economically. Having high-speed wireless internet improves property values and opportunities for people who want to live outside the city but connect globally.

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Wilderness Wireless
943 W. Overland Rd.
Meridian, ID 83642

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