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Potter Wines is most known for their jalapeno wine.

Chris Redgrave Nov 2, 2018

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The wine industry is one of the fastest growing in Idaho with an annual economic impact of approximately $170 million. The state has 52 wineries with 1,500 vineyard acres. Crystal and Von Potter love being among this group with their business, Potter Wines. This husband and wife team perfectly complement each other with Von as the winemaker, scientist, handyman and trouble-shooter while Crystal is the organizer, marketer, professional taster and business manager.

Potter Wines is most known for their jalapeno wine. It was an idea Von had years ago, to create something unique and original that customers would love. So, he started experimenting, and once they had a product, Crystal and Von took it to farmer’s markets to test it out. The response they got was fantastic, so with their signature jalapeno wine, they launched Potter Wines six years ago.

Today, Potter Wines offers Cabernet, Merlot and other red blends, some that have received national awards, like the Ambassador. They source their grapes from Idaho as much as possible with Washington grapes as their second choice. Crystal says growth is steady, and through their online shop, they’re shipping Potter Wine, including their signature jalapeno wine, to customers throughout the U.S.

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Potter Wines
4863 W. Mystic Cove
Garden City, ID 83714

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