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The Larry H. Miller Group of Companies now operates in 7 states, including Idaho, and has 10,000 employees.

Chris Redgrave Nov 2, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

When Larry and Gail Miller started their business partnership in 1979, they operated one Toyota dealership with the goal to build a successful company and provide a nice living for their small staff. Their hard work paid off, and the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies is now operating in 7 states, including Idaho, with the accountability of 10,000 employees. After Larry’s passing in 2009, Gail Miller took the helm and has proven to be a thoughtful and formidable leader, continuing to grow this impactful organization.

The five-entity Larry H. Miller Group of Companies is comprised of auto, sports, entertainment, finance and real estate. In talking to CEO Clark Whitworth, with his 30-year-tenure, he says they’re determined to continue the culture consistent with the values they started with, while building upon business principles established in the beginning with focus on being a family-owned business. One of their initiatives is working closely with their third generation, called 3.0, educating and preparing them around the family code of business.

Larry and Gail didn’t have the expectation their company would have 63 dealerships, including 4 in Idaho, and thousands of employees. With Gail’s dedication of serving on numerous boards, and providing opportunities for employees, the future of the Larry H Miller Group of Companies is bright.

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Larry H. Miller Group of Companies
9350 S. 150 East, Ste. 1000
Sandy, Utah 84070

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