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Lucky Spoon Bakery created a line of delicious gluten-free items sold through grocery stores in 35 states.

Chris Redgrave Apr 27, 2018

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It started out of love for Pam Schulte of Lucky Spoon Bakery, to create delicious gluten-free items for her husband to enjoy. Lucky Spoon Bakery is now sold through grocery stores has become a multi-state operation distributing product in 1,500 stores in 35 states. It has a selection of around 20 different products that include gluten-free cookies, cupcakes, brownies and muffins. In fact, Pam just launched a line of single-serve brownies and cookies that have been a hit!

Once her husband, Jim, was diagnosed with celiac disease, Pam knew there was a lack of options for great-tasting gluten-free baked goods in the store and it became an opportunity to share her creations. With awareness about gluten intolerance and allergies increasing, Pam took her love of cooking and started experimenting, baking gluten-free items in her home. This lasted a year until she officially launched Lucky Spoon Bakery in 2010, and this Salt Lake City-based operation now has 18 team members and is growing.

You can find Lucky Spoon products locally in stores like Harmons, Natural Grocers, Winder Dairy, Whole Foods and, new this year, Smith’s. Lucky Spoon is on a growth trajectory and has added 400 stores since January, and with a dedicated salesperson coming on board, Pam anticipates this will be her best year yet.

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