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SwimKids is providing one-on-one lessons to develop a child’s swimming skills and water safety.

Chris Redgrave Mar 6, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

After having a traumatic experience with water as a child, Liz Walker was determined that her own children wouldn’t have the same fear. So, she introduced them to swimming at a young age. 35 years ago, Liz brought a group of kids together, including her own kids, and started teaching swimming, and this business became SwimKids. They’re so popular, they’re teaching 1,200 lessons a week with around 30 teachers and some students that travel 30 minutes to take their classes.

SwimKids, based in Holladay, is providing one-on-one lessons to develop a child’s swimming skills and knowledge of water safety. Liz says they customize the experience, based on the student’s need, who span in age from 4 months on up, although kids are their main focus. This means some students who haven’t found success in other programs have thrived with SwimKids, and the company has experienced steady growth, including purchasing a facility in Holladay, so they have water access anytime.

Liz says they’ll offer outdoor lessons in Provo, Lehi, Draper and Herriman next summer to meet demand. With the expansion into teaching all year, having a second permanent facility is important for the company’s continued growth, so they’re working on finding the next facility now. And with Liz’s kids involved, SwimKids is a generational business.

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