Speaking on Business: Idle Isle Cafe

Idle Isle Café in Brigham City is one of the oldest restaurants in the state of Utah.

Chris Redgrave Mar 16, 2018

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Talk about an important piece of Utah state history! Idle Isle Café in Brigham City is one of the oldest restaurants in the state of Utah, and in just three years, owner Travis Porter says they will be celebrating their 100th anniversary. He loves hearing stories of what Idle Isle Café has meant to his customers’ families throughout the years.

Idle Isle Café is tucked away on Historic Main Street in Brigham City and famous for their homestyle, made-from-scratch comfort food. People come here for the pot roast, mashed potatoes with country gravy, meatloaf or the grilled chicken dinner. Customers also love their desserts, rolls and made from scratch every morning and homemade apricot jam. These are diner staples that aren’t as common as they used to be, but Idle Isle Café is known for them.

Travis says the Idle Isle Café has been an important part of his life for a long time. He managed the restaurant for almost 10 years until he took another job. But when his in-laws, who owned the restaurant, wanted to retire, he and his wife, Jana, took over almost three years ago and have been working hard to revitalize the restaurant ever since. They’re in the process of renovating the restaurant for their upcoming centennial celebration.

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Idle Isle Cafe
24 S. Main St.
Brigham City, UT

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