Speaking on Business: Mirror Lake Station

Mirror Lake Station in Kamas is known for their amazing doughnuts, made fresh every day.

Chris Redgrave Jun 1, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

If you’re craving an unbelievable treat, Mirror Lake Station in Kamas, Utah is known for their amazing doughnuts, made fresh every day, with bakers starting at 2 and 4 a.m., and it attracts people from all over. The fritters, which are the size of a paper plate and come in apple, blueberry or raspberry, are so popular, sometimes companies in the valley will send an employee up to grab a batch on their lunch break.

Preparation on these delectable creations starts early, and they’re sold as first come, first serve, which means they often sell out. Owner Kristine Wade says with anything over a dozen doughnuts they request you make a special order. These are excellent doughnuts that come with white frosting, milk chocolate, maple and your choice of topping. This is a 40-year tradition that started with the founding of Mirror Lake Station, which has 18 employees. They also make homemade pizza with their dough.

Buying Mirror Lake Station was a new venture for Kristine and her husband, David. He has been in the snack and drink business for years, working for Hostess, Coke and Frito Lay. Plus, he was named as Salesman of the Year from Frito Lay. So, he’s experienced with bringing in just the right snack items to go with Chevron franchise.

Visit Mirror Lake Station on the Mirror Lake Highway.

For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.

Mirror Lake Station
2 N. Main
Kamas, UT 84036

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