Speaking on Business: GREENbike SLC

GREENbike Salt Lake City is Salt Lake City's non-profit bike share program and now includes 33 stations with 20 bikes and more stations in the works.

Chris Redgrave Jun 15, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Ben Bolte was an intern when he received a big assignment … providing research for Salt Lake City’s first bikeshare program. His project turned into writing a business plan, putting together the legal framework and meeting with the Downtown Alliance to create a funding strategy. His hard work paid off when GREENbike Salt Lake City launched in 2013 and became the executive director.

This non-profit bike share program has grown from 10 stations with 13 bikes to 33 stations averaging 20 bikes, and more stations are in the works! Every bike is used multiple times a day all year long, and 65 percent of riders hold an annual pass. Salt Lake City was among the first 20 cities nationwide to launch a bikeshare program, and GREENbike’s ridership far surpasses larger cities like Seattle, Cincinnati, Dallas and Fort Worth. Other Utah cities are catching the vision, preparing their own bikeshare programs, and Ogden is looking to launch by 2020.

To give an idea of the program’s significance, since GREENbike Salt Lake City started, it’s removed nearly 4 million vehicles from local roads, eliminated over 3 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the air, burned 55 million calories and reduced the number of cars per household by 15 percent. Talk about GREENBike Salt Lake City impact!

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