Speaking on Business: AJF Photography

AJF Photography specializes in commercial portraits and food pictures, but owner Adam Finkle has a diverse portfolio.

Chris Redgrave Jun 15, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Adam Finkle believes that everybody has a story, and the goal for his business AJF Photography, is always to find that story. Throughout his 25 years in business, he’s captured significant moments, from famous athletes to special events. Today his specialty is commercial portraits and food pictures, so you’ll find AJF Photography in major publications, like Martha Stewart, Bon Appetite, ESPN the Magazine, Newsweek and Food and Wine magazine.

Professional food pictures often take a team to create. In any given shoot for AJF Photography, up to half a dozen people could be working on a single photograph, just to capture it accurately. But Adam has a knack for it, and his portfolio is full of original, creative and fun food pictures, which is no small feat because social media has made food photography very popular.

Adam was a kid when he discovered his passion for taking pictures at the age of 4 and later he became the family photographer. After graduating from college, he tried other professions but discovered it wasn’t a fit, so he ended up studying at Weber State University. He met Ed Rosenberger, who became his first employer and a life-long photography mentor. AJF Photography has been in business for 24 years and Adam still loves what he does.

You’ve got to see his gallery at

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