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Advanced Ceramic Fibers has created an attractive, high-temperature reinforcing ceramic fiber with a variety of uses.

Chris Redgrave Jul 13, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

While working at the Idaho National Laboratory, known for impressive technology research and development, Dr. John Garnier co-invented an innovative ceramic fiber that could be used at high temperatures. Its original application was in nuclear fuel rods, as protection against reactor core coolant accidents. After retiring from the lab, Dr. Garnier decided to commercialize the product and created Advanced Ceramic Fibers. This product has been so well received it has the attention of both the Navy and Air Force. Not to mention it was recognized with an Early-Stage Innovation Award from the Idaho Technology Council.

The chemical, mechanical and thermal properties of Advanced Ceramic Fiber’s product, called Fi-Bar, make it an attractive, high-temperature reinforcing ceramic fiber that can be used in infrastructure, transportation, energy, aerospace and defense applications. It’s increasing the temperature where turbine engines can perform. Currently, the best-performing turbine engine can reach a max of 2400 degrees Fahrenheit and this innovative fiber is creating a solution to increase that temperature. This fiber is stronger than steel and is utilized in many ways.

Both the Navy and Air Force have spent millions of dollars trying to create a higher-performing turbine engine, and the product Advanced Ceramic Fibers is developing is providing a solution that will help them finally achieve their goal.

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