Speaking on Business: High Desert Milk

The main product at High Desert Milk is high specification milk powders.

Chris Redgrave Jan 19, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

As multi-generational Idaho farm families, a group of dairy farmers came together in 2001 to create a more stable market for their product. They discovered the best opportunity was milk processing, so they founded High Desert Milk in Burley.

The main product at High Desert Milk is high specification milk powders. These are high-quality powders used to make infant formula, confectionary products and ultra-high temperature milk used and sold in Asia and Latin America. Company CEO Randy Robinson says it takes a top quality milk powder to create these types of products. So, they have a state-certified lab in their facility to verify product quality where they process 2.1 million pounds of milk each day and have over 100 employees.

The domestic market for milk powders is competitive. When they founded High Desert Milk, the owners would drive around the country to find places to sell their milk powders. Randy served as the International Chair for the U.S. Potato Board, so he knew to look for opportunities outside the United States. They now export their product to over 40 countries and have an office in Mexico City and have expanded into other dairy products, like butter and buttermilk.

High Desert Milk sets themselves apart by the traceability of the product.

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