Speaking on Business: U of U College of Nursing

Dr. Trish Morton is leading the University of Utah College of Nursing with a focus on research and scholarship, education and practice.

Chris Redgrave Apr 2, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Boy did we gain impressive talent when the University of Utah recruited Dr. Trish Morton as head of the College of Nursing! Dr. Morton is a healthcare education veteran of nearly 40 years, where she holds multiple advanced degrees, including a doctorate, and received additional education as an acute care nurse practioner.

As the dean for the U of U College of Nursing, she has three missions. The first is research and scholarship, so a group of faculty is doing research on critical patient problems, like managing symptoms of chemotherapy at home, exploring methods to improve at-home care and researching asthma in children.

The second mission is for education, so not only does the U of U College of Nursing offer a traditional undergraduate program, they also have a community program for those who want a bachelor’s degree in nursing, as well as master’s and doctorate programs. Dr. Morton founded a consortium of eight nursing colleges statewide to lobby for increased funding from the legislature so they can admit more students, addressing the state and national shortage of nurses.

Finally, practice is an important focus, which brings real-world experience into the classroom, with 55 members of the faculty at the U of U College of Nursing still actively practice, bringing a current perspective to their teaching.

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University of Utah College of Nursing
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