Speaking on Business: Firefly Automatix

Firefly Automatix is taking turf harvesting to the next level with their innovative turf harvester.

Chris Redgrave Apr 9, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

With over 40 million acres of land that have lawn, grass is the largest crop in the United States. Yet turf farming hasn’t kept up with technology...until now. Firefly Automatix in North Salt Lake is taking turf harvesting to the next level with their innovative turf harvester. In six years since their launch, Firefly has grown from 10 to 110 employees and is recognized as one of the state’s fastest-growing companies.

In a labor-intensive job like turf farming, where finding help can be challenging, the Firefly turf harvester has automated the harvesting process, saving time and money. From the first prototype that took nine months to build, with production models taking six weeks, Firefly Automatix is now building harvesters every four days, no small feat with 4,000 parts! This is fulfilling the company’s mission to empower farmers to be more competitive through using technology and robotics.

Company founder Steve Aposhian grew up helping in his father’s turf business alongside director and CEO Andrew Limpert. He saw the challenges of turf harvesting firsthand and created the first prototype of the machine. Andrew came on as an investor and was brought on as the CEO three years ago. Under his leadership, Firefly Equipment has taken off, with the goal of moving into other crops.

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