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EMI Health offers medical, dental and vision insurance benefits and services.

Chris Redgrave Apr 2, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

As a veteran of the insurance business of almost 20 years, Steve Morrison, CEO of EMI Health, has seen many changes. And he has grown his company strategically, through diversification and expansion, which helped EMI Health thrive in a challenging and highly-regulated industry while gaining a critical competitive advantage. In fact, this Utah-based company now offers medical coverage in three states and dental coverage in eight states, serving over 330,000 members.

EMI Health in Murray offers medical, dental and vision insurance benefits and services to corporate, government, public education and higher education groups. The advantage for this non-profit organization is offering healthcare benefits to employer groups that are combined with similar companies to form a large pool, which makes their rates and coverage levels more competitive, especially because they’re self-funded. EMI Health has made it a point to keep current with insurance trends, like electronic health records, telemedicine, discounting services and supplies and offering an online tool for members to view benefits, eligibility and claims information.

EMI Health was founded in 1935 to provide insurance coverage for educators. Education remains an important focus, with Alpine School District as their largest educator-employer group; however, they’ve expanded into other industries helped them grow to a team of 175, serving eight states.

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EMI Health
852 S. Arrowhead Ln
Murray, UT 84107

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