Speaking on Business: Bellissimo Sculpture

Bellissimo Sculpture is providing well-known pieces of artwork in miniature that are designed to be affordable.

Chris Redgrave Apr 17, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

The team at Bellissimo Sculpture believes beautiful artwork should be affordable for anyone. And in a market like Utah, where we value the arts, they wanted to make it available. So, with traditional and digital modeling and a formula they created in-house, they are now providing great-looking, and often well-known, pieces of artwork in miniature and at a price point so you can have it in your home.

Bellissimo Sculpture focuses primarily on cold-cast bronze sculptures, and because of the process used to make the statues, they’re affordable, especially with a large distribution model. For example, they’ve taken high-profile bronze statues, like the one in front of the Provo City Center Temple, made a digital model and rebuilt it to the smaller size. Products are available in retailers like Desert Book and on their website,

Company President Scott Streadbeck is an artist and has been creating original artwork for years. He got frustrated with how cost prohibitive fine art is, particularly statues. So, with his father, Brian Streadbeck, and business partners Todd Wynder, Kraig Varner and Dennis Smith, they launched Bellissimo Sculpture a year ago.

The business is located in the Alpine Art Center in Alpine, home of one of the nation’s premier bronze casting foundries, which has contributed to their success.

Check out the online gallery at

For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.

Bellissimo Sculpture
450 S. Alpine Hwy.
Alpine, UT 84004

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