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Kona Ice offers shaved ice with a serving station that includes 10 flavor options, to personalize your ice.

Chris Redgrave Apr 23, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Robert and Amy Starr were not looking for a business when they found Kona Ice. In fact, Amy worked full-time, and they had another company they were already running together. Once they discovered the shaved ice franchise, headquartered in Kentucky, they were hooked, with the idea it was something their family, including all six kids, could do together. Two years ago, Kona Ice of Magic Valley launched, and they’ve been growing steadily ever since.

Kona Ice is known for their shaved ice with the serving station that includes 10 different flavor options, so you can personalize your ice. Tiger’s Blood and Blue Raspberry are the top flavors for kids while adults love Pina Colada. By the way, these flavorings are made from a formula called Vita-Blend that has less sugar and is infused with Vitamins B and C, so this is a healthier option. Kona Ice sells their shaved ice everywhere. from school carnivals and field days to corporate events and community festivals.

Since opening, Kona Ice of Magic Valley has expanded from one truck and territory concentrated in Twin Falls to include a mini-truck used specifically for indoor events, with a second full-size truck ordered to serve their expanded territory, including Pocatello. All six kids are involved in the business, learning firsthand how to work.

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Kona Ice of Magic Valley
2205 Nisqually St.
Twin Falls, ID 83301

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