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TeethFirst is the social impact enterprise that created a patent-pending disposable flossing toothbrush.

Chris Redgrave Sep 28, 2017

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Following nearly 40 years as a clinical dentist, Marielle Pariseau hung up her drills and moved to Park City, where she started volunteering for a non-profit health organization. She saw so many people in need of dental care but without a way to pay, for themselves or their kids. Understanding how critical oral health is for children, she decided to create a program for kids that is included with school curriculum, and this became Teeth First.

Teeth First is the social impact enterprise that created the OH’PAL, which stands for Oral Health Best Friend, a patent-pending disposable flossing toothbrush. Marielle says the OH’PAL doesn’t require toothpaste, rinsing or spitting and helps reduce the main bacteria causing tooth decay. Once the kids return from lunch, they receive an OH’PAL and the teacher guides them in flossing and two minutes of timed brushing. There’s four numbers on the ergonomically designed handle, making it easy for the teacher to assist kids in holding the toothbrush correctly.

Marielle feels passionate about her work with the OH’PAL because she believes in giving the kids the right tools for a cavity-free future. So far, parents and teachers love what Teeth First is offering and more schools are asking for it.

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