Speaking on Business: Bowman's

Bowman's is an independent grocery store in Kaysville, known for their bakery and hot/cold deli.

Chris Redgrave Oct 5, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

A lifelong resident of Kaysville, Dave Cook has seen this Davis County city steadily grow. As he watched new businesses come in, he felt the importance of keeping Kaysville cornerstone companies intact, like Bowman’s, the grocery store his great-grandfather founded over 100 years ago.

Bowman’s is best known for their bakery, which draws people from all over the state. Sometimes visitors on business trips in Salt Lake City come to Kaysville to pick up their baked goods! This includes eclairs, cookies, cakes and the crowd favorite … donuts. They go half off at 7 each night, and it’s not unusual to see a line out the door to get some before they’re gone. Bowman’s also has a hot and cold deli with hand-battered fried chicken, a sushi bar, a daily entrée, deli meats and salads.

In keeping with current trends, Bowman’s offers online shopping and a delivery service, used by commercial and residential customers, including a large population of older customers. Dave says they also have an excellent meat department with beef they grind themselves, creating a higher-quality product.

Bowman’s has 150 employees and starts hiring first-time employees at 15, so they’re an important contributor to the city’s job base.

Check out their online shopping at

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