Speaking on Business: Smart Rhino Labs

Smart Rhino Labs was built to help people find meaningful work, and they help thousands of people get jobs every month.

Chris Redgrave Oct 10, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

With his staffing company Smart Rhino Labs in Draper, CEO and co-founder Scott Evanson discovered an opportunity in the industry by recruiting talent in high-volume, high-turnover types of employment. Starting in 2011, Smart Rhino Labs was built to help people find meaningful work, and they’ve helped thousands of people get jobs every month. They’ve built the technology and fine-tuned their processes to create a highly-successful talent recruiting operation.

Smart Rhino Labs has 150 recruiters on board and have a culture where employees love what they do and are dedicated to the company’s growth. They’ve built several job sites and use technology to let job seekers know about opportunities, using email, SMS messages, phone calls and Facebook Messenger. A key to Smart Rhino Labs’ success has been to treat employees with respect and create a company culture where they enjoy coming to work and like what they do. Not to mention, over half the team works remotely and appreciates the flexibility.

Smart Rhino Labs represents clients in every state in the U.S. and other places around the world, like Central and South America and Australia. They’re working to build their international presence by hiring employees who speak multiple languages.

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For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.

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