Speaking on Business: Nelco Contractors

Nelco Contractors is a civil earthwork and underground utility construction company.

Chris Redgrave Oct 24, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

One of the secrets to their success at Nelco Contractors in Price is their commitment to safety. Company president and CEO Jason Frandsen says his contracting firm has a daily meeting to talk about each day’s tasks and identify risks to ensure projects are done safely. This culture is to protect “the people who they treasure” which is how they refer to their 60 employees.

Nelco Contractors is a civil earthwork and underground utility construction company, providing underground utility installation, including water, sewer, storm drains and electrical conduit. Nelco’s done quite a bit of commercial site work in Eastern Utah like a new courthouse and administration build and a new senior citizen center. They recently expanded their service area into the Wasatch Front.

Jason’s dad, Neil Frandsen, started the company in 1973, following his dad’s college graduation and service in the U.S. Army. They hit it big when they connected with the coal, oil and gas industries. To give an idea of their impact, Nelco Contractors has installed over 1,000 miles of pipelines and 600 miles of roads, including 700 gas well locations, just in the last two decades. Now Neil’s three sons have taken over to carry on the family business.

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