Speaking on Business: Reed’s Dairy

Reed’s Dairy is known for their fresh dairy products including milk, cheese and homemade ice cream.

Chris Redgrave Oct 3, 2017

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In the old days when you needed milk, the milkman would deliver fresh bottled milk to your door. This is far cry from the grocery store experience today, but the Reed family is bringing the model back with their business, Reed’s Dairy in Idaho Falls, which has 170 cow, and now includes a home milk delivery operation.

Reed’s Dairy is known for their fresh dairy products including milk, cheese and homemade ice cream. They sell bottled milk in their three stores, two in Idaho Falls and a brand-new store in Meridian, or through their home delivery service, just like it was done in the old days. Cheddar is their main cheese, but their cheese curds are also popular.

Third-generation manager Alan Reed says their top-selling product here, no matter the season, is ice cream. This is a recipe Alan’s grandfather, who founded the operation, learned, and they’ve spent years perfecting it. Their menu includes 130 flavors of ice cream, and in the summertime, they keep 110 flavors on hand, which their customers love! These include great seasonal selections like pumpkin spice, eggnog and peppermint chocolate chip for the upcoming holidays.

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