Speaking on Business: Utah Private Health Exchange

Matt Spencer is addressing finding healthcare coverage.

Chris Redgrave Nov 9, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

The healthcare situation in the United States is one of the most important issues we face individually and as businesses nationwide. Matt Spencer, with his company Utah Private Health Exchange in Salt Lake City, is addressing finding healthcare coverage.

Matt understands healthcare because of his extensive background in the insurance industry over the last 17 years, not to mention he represents many carriers with the licenses he holds, as an agent, broker and consultant. With Utah Private Health Exchange, he is the human resources department of healthcare for small business clients. His business also offers the ability to control health insurance costs, predictably plan for future benefit needs and cater to a demographically diverse workforce.

The Utah Private Health Exchange is designed to be a private healthcare marketplace that provides options for employees — 12 plan choices with one carrier in two or three networks — so they can find the plan they need at a price they can afford, using a model of defined contributions to pay premiums. Their specialty is companies from 2 to 50 employees. This business makes sense as a consumer because it addresses your responsibility to understand your budget and your family’s medical needs and for employers to offer great healthcare coverage.

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Utah Private Health Exchange
29 S. State St., Ste. 610 
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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