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HawkWatch International will be hosting researchers from around the globe.

Chris Redgrave Nov 8, 2017

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Today’s environment in Utah can present threats that make it difficult for raptors to survive, and that’s why we have organizations like HawkWatch International that are dedicated to conducting scientific research on these important species. This non-profit organization has been collecting and monitoring these birds for 30 plus years.

Starting later this week, HawkWatch International will be hosting researchers from around the globe for the Raptor Research Foundation annual conference, held from November 8 to the 12 in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s three days of general sessions where grad students, professors, and biologists will share their latest research about birds of prey, like information on radio telemetry used to track the birds, wildlife conservation and trends within the raptor population. HawkWatch International is also watching for data on how development is impacting birds of prey.

Senior scientist Dave Oleyar (oh-lee-arr) says the conference is bringing in 220 researchers from as far away as Africa, England, Turkey and China. An education symposium will be held during the conference where they’ll share the data being used in state science and math curriculum. One of the conference days will include field trips to sites where they’ve collected this data to see raptors in their local Utah habitat.

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Hawkwatch International
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