Speaking on Business: Green Team Farm

The Green Team Farm in Salt Lake City is a farm-based job training program.

Chris Redgrave Nov 15, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

While in college, James Loomis got bored with the lack of options to study what he is truly passionate about … sustainable agriculture and development. So, he dropped out, bought a VW bus and spent the next two years searching out models of responsible earth stewardship. He continued his important work, eventually moving into agriculture full-time to operate an organic farm in Southern Idaho. Today, he’s back in Utah and putting his hard-earned knowledge to work as the Farm Director at Wasatch Community Gardens’ Green Team Farm.

The Green Team Farm in Salt Lake City is a farm-based job training program that aims to revitalize an underutilized urban area while also providing opportunities for women facing homelessness. Over the 10-month program, from Feb. 1 to Nov. 30, participants learn basic organic gardening techniques, intensive vegetable production strategies, farm management expertise and other job skills, with the goal to find permanent employment and housing.

The Green Team Farm is now in its second season, and over half the original participants are in their own housing. The program is based on Japanese “Lean” management practices, of management being there to serve the worker, with participants developing success measurements.

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