Speaking on Business: Huish Outdoors

Huish Outdoors designs and manufactures products for the scuba diving industry.

Chris Redgrave Dec 15, 2017

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It was watching his father experience his own version of the American dream, building his business from the ground up and becoming a highly successful operation, that inspired Michael Huish. He wanted to create a business of his own and decided to focus on his love of scuba diving to do it. The result is Huish Outdoors, which is currently ranked No. 3 in the diving industry in the world.

Huish Outdoors designs and manufactures products for the scuba diving industry, from regulators and masks to dry suits dive computers and rebreathers. Huish Outdoors has grown through acquiring the top brands in the industry, like Atomic Aquatics, Bare Sports, Stahlsac, Zeagle Systems, and, most recently, Hollis and Oceanic, so they’re offering only the best underwater equipment. You can find Huish Outdoors brands in over 70 countries through their retail and distribution network.

When Mike entered the industry in 2009, he discovered an opportunity for consolidation and decided that would be the best strategy to accelerate his business. He started benchmarking brands, and when the time was right, Huish Outdoors acquired them, and the company now includes approximately 300 employees worldwide, and this talented team remains a driver for his company’s impressive success.

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