Speaking on Business: Vanway International

Vanway International created a linear crusher unit that allows construction companies to source materials for road repair on site.

Chris Redgrave Dec 1, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Roads are essential for our world to run, from transporting us to work to moving product to market. The bulk of roads lie in unincorporated area and require regular maintenance, which can be costly with the need to transport repair materials, like gravel. Father and son team Sid and Ryan Clark have created a solution to this problem, called the V600H, as a more efficient way to upkeep roads, and launched their company Vanway International in Kingston, Idaho.

The V600H is a linear crusher unit that allows construction companies to source the materials to repair or upkeep roads on site. Before the Clarks created this innovative machine, materials to fix the road had to be brought in, so the V600H presents a significant cost savings. With their product, Vanway International is serving any contractor or agency that manages unincorporated local roads, so their customer base extends nationwide.

Most recently, Ryan says Vanway International has been refining the product and adding features customers have requested that make the V600H more efficient and user friendly. They’ve also changed messaging around their product, which increased its reach and adoption with anyone handling road maintenance.

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