Speaking on Business: In the Ditch

In 12 years, In the Ditch has brought over 500 new products to market, all relating to the towing industry.

Chris Redgrave Dec 15, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Chuck Ceccarelli is the type of self-made success story anyone would want to be. From a small one-truck towing operation in a tiny Idaho town to selling tow trucks to customers across the country, his quality of work and salesmanship speaks for itself. Since launching his company, In the Ditch, 12 years ago, he and his team of 60 employees have brought over 500 new products to market, all relating to the towing industry.

All products are manufactured on site at their facility in Mountain Home with some of their largest accounts overseas. In fact, South Korea, Europe, Asia and Turkey are just a few places where you’ll find products from In the Ditch, and the team is proud of their extensive export work that is helping grow the Idaho economy. They now print their catalogue in five languages to better serve their international audience.

In the Ditch is getting ready to break ground on a brand new $6 million facility to continue their impressive growth, with plans to hire 50 more employees over the next six months. Chuck says the biggest driving force in his organization’s success is the company culture, which emphasizes respect, organization, innovation and teamwork.

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