Speaking on Business: Edge Climbing & Fitness

The Edge Climbing & Fitness is an indoor climbing facility, designed so anybody can enjoy it.

Chris Redgrave Dec 11, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Indoor climbing is on the rise, with participation in this sport growing, and climbing gyms are opening around the world. Ammon Hartner was inspired to tap into this popular sport with his business, The Edge Climbing & Fitness Center in Ammon.

Ammon Hartner opened the gym because he wanted an indoor climbing facility for himself and his kids, and at the time, Idaho Falls didn’t have one. So, he and his brother teamed up and built an 18,000-square-foot facility that is currently one of the largest and most popular in the state. They permanently installed bolts in the wall at the Edge Climbing & Fitness Center and have 10,000 handholds that can be rearranged into an infinite number of patterns, so you never do the same climb twice. Handholds are color-coded, based on the climber’s level, so you can make your climb as easy or as difficult as you want. There’s also a section for bouldering if you’d like to try a different kind of climb.

In addition to the facility size and moveable handholds, The Edge Climbing & Fitness is unique because they cater to every ability, from first-time climbers to experts. They have a dedicated kids area and offer an after-school program.

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