Speaking on Business: VOXN Clothing

VOXN Clothing is a women's clothing boutique with a line of casual mountain wear in a clean, timeless look.

Chris Redgrave Dec 15, 2017

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Fashion design has always been a passion for Erica Becker. After moving to Boise, she was limited in her options to continue this career, so she spent her evenings and weekends sketching, sewing and building her personal design portfolio late into the night until it was big enough she could start producing her own line. She launched VOXN Clothing as an online women’s boutique two years ago, with a line of casual mountain wear in a clean, timeless look that includes a great selection of blouses, pants, dresses, skirts and accessories.

VOXN Clothing has gained a strong following, at, especially after Erica brought in similar brands to complement her VOXN label. Last summer she discovered a prime retail location in the Bodo area of downtown Boise, near Boise State University, and knew it was perfect for her storefront. It’s designed to always be fashion-show ready with a setup that is easily moved and changed.

So far, the VOXN Clothing storefront has hosted two sold-out fashion shows, and Erica has plans to do more in 2018. She loves having her business headquartered in Boise, which is growing and gaining a national reputation as a great place to live and work.

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