Speaking on Business: JYTTE

Producing Beanies for a Diverse Clientele

Chris Redgrave | Photos by Kevin Kiernan Sep 12, 2019
woman standing by colored thread
Jytte Mau
an array of wool beanies

Jytte Mau created her business JYTTE to design and produce beanies that are shipped all over the world. These beanies are made from the finest 100% Australian Merino wool, and owner and founder Mau says she wouldn’t use anything else.

Mau first started as a clothing and fiber designer more than 40 years ago, before opening the JYTTE factory in Hailey, Idaho, where she produces her impressive beanies.

Customers buy online at where they can also custom order everything from fabric to design. Custom orders require a 50-piece minimum. She produces beanies for a diverse clientele ranging from brewing companies to Driscoll, the largest berry grower in the U.S., and National Geographic.

When she first started producing her beanies, Mau sold her colorful hats at outdoor industry trade shows. Her quality of work now speaks for itself. These days customers work directly with Mau, and JYTTE is sold primarily through word of mouth. Her factory in Idaho uses top quality imported machines and is the only knitting mill in the state. Locals hand-finish each beanie. Mau is proud to sell 100% American-made products.

P.O. Box 4264
Hailey, ID 83333

colored threads being woven into hats
thread and machinery

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