In My Own Backyard

Photo Contest Winners

Mary Harper Sep 12, 2019
water running through a rock canyon
First Place winner Dustin LeFevre (@dustinlefevre) with a shot from Coyote Gulch in Southern Utah.
Aerial view of a stream running through trees
Second Place winner Jonny Hill (@jonnyhill_uk) with an aerial view of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah.
sunset at lake powell
Third Place winner John Haymore (@john.haymore) showing off the beauty of Lake Powell in Utah.

Community magazine’s summer photo contest, sponsored by Pictureline and Lumin Publishing, highlights the beauty of the region our clients and customers call home. 

The theme, “In My Own Backyard,” encouraged photographers of all skill levels to find and shoot the beauty in their own literal backyards or take some creative license and capture the incredible landscapes of the region.

Coyote in Yellowstone National Park by Tristan Adler (@explore_with_tristan).

Entries were submitted via Instagram and Facebook and were tagged #pictureline. Winners were chosen from a field of more than 583 entries. A panel of judges including Community Creative Director Kevin Kiernan and Pictureline President Jens Nielsen selected winners based on the following criteria:

  • Interpretation of the theme
  • Uniqueness of concept
  • Composition
  • Color, lighting, exposure and focus
  • Overall artistic impression

Each of the winning images captures the unique beauty of this region we are proud to call home. Original captions are included with the photographer’s name.

Wild Horses at Simpson Springs in Utah by Sterling Moore (@moorethanwildphotography).
barn owl flying
Barn owl by Hunter Winterton (@hunterwphotography).
tree with yellow leaves
Fall color by Rohan Srinivas (@roadtriprohan).
mountains trees and a lake
Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park by Julie Carter (@jewelsacarter).
moose calf
Moose calf by Becky Moore (@bmoorewild).
trees with snow on them
Winter in Idaho by Josh Packer (@packtography).

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