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Disconnect and Rejuvenate

Chris Redgrave | Photos courtesy of Spa Trouve Nov 14, 2019

Recent studies paint a concerning picture of the American business world: longer days, less vacation time, 24/7 connectivity, and imbalanced work and personal lives. For some, taking “me time” at a spa is a way to disconnect from work and rejuvenate after hours. Spa Trouve in Utah is one such place.

Spa Trouve is known for its medical spa treatments, including laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels and women’s wellness services. Its newest treatments involve using a patient’s own plasma to rejuvenate skin and other areas of the body. Each clinic has a medical director on staff to oversee treatments, which also include the popular microneedling technique used to heal trouble spots on skin and CoolSculpting for targeted fat loss.

The first Spa Trouve launched five years ago in Orem and became so popular its owners opened additional locations in Highland and Draper, plus a Salt Lake City one in June 2017. Manager and co-owner Amy Archuleta is impressed with the growth of the Salt Lake City facility, which she attributes to the established business model, great atmosphere, top-quality services, excellent location and expert employees.

Spa Trouve
With locations in Orem, Highland, Draper and Salt Lake City

Amy Archuleta
Amy Archuleta
Co-owner Courtney Anderson
Co-owner Courtney Anderson
sitting area at a spa

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