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Chris Redgrave | Photos by Kevin Kiernan Nov 14, 2019
Amy Foster Davis
Amy Foster Davis

In  2010, with the recession still in place, most people weren’t thinking about starting their own business. But after the company she was working for shut its doors in 2009, Amy Foster Davis needed a new opportunity.

With many clients still requesting her design services, she bootstrapped her own design business and a small warehouse where she sold high-fashion furniture at budget pricing. This was the humble beginning of Echelon Fine Home, which operates from a prime location in downtown Boise.

Echelon Fine Home helps people at all stages of life create a beautiful living space, whether that be a home, dorm room or apartment. The company partners with more than 50 vendors including top brands like Four Hands, American Leather and Classic Homes. The goal for Echelon Fine Home is to streamline the creative process and give customers a combination of interior design and high-quality furniture.

Davis’ timing in opening her business in downtown Boise couldn’t have been better. In the five years since Echelon Fine Home launched, Boise has experienced impressive growth as Idaho’s capital city located in what is currently one of the fastest-growing states in the nation.

The Echelon Fine Home team has 13 associates, including Davis and her husband and business partner Tad Davis, who has been one of her top business champions.

Echelon Fine Home
1404 W. Main St.
Boise, ID 83702

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