Women Leaders Make Businesses More Successful

Provide Training and Opportunities

A. Scott Anderson Jul 1, 2019

I firmly believe that any business is­ made better when it recruits, trains and supports women in their careers and efforts to achieve leadership positions.

That is certainly the case with Zions Bank. A key reason for our success is the remarkable capabilities and leadership of our women bankers.

The cover story for the May edition of American Banker magazine was titled, “The Future of Leadership.” The article introduced 15 women from across the United States who are emerging leaders in banking, all under age 40.

We’re proud that Zions Bancorporation’s Chantel Chase, business banking operations division manager, was selected as one of the 15 young leaders.

Chase is part of a growing number of women in the Zions Bank family recognized as key leaders nationally and in Utah and Idaho. In fact, I’m pleased to note that Zions’ women bankers have received more than 50 awards and recognitions since 2015.

A. Scott Anderson, Zions Bank President and CEO

Our team of women leaders is routinely listed as one of the top five women teams in the country by American Banker. In 2016, the Zions team ranked No. 1 nationally in the “Most Powerful Women in Banking” issue.

A number of national and international studies show conclusively that businesses that welcome and support women, provide training and leadership opportunities, are more successful than those that don’t.

One might ask, “Why do women need extra encouragement, training and motivation to become leaders? Can’t we just let it happen naturally?” The answer is that, historically and culturally, women have simply not had the same opportunities as men — for a variety of reasons. That’s the reality. A little extra support is absolutely warranted to help women achieve their full potential.

I personally believe women should have a full range of employment and lifestyle choices. I believe the decision to be a mother and homemaker is a wonderful choice. But, the fact is, the vast majority of women in Idaho and Utah will work full time at some point in their lives. It only makes sense, for them personally as well as the success of the business, to help them use their full capabilities and reach their goals and aspirations.

I want to introduce you to two remarkable organizations that are making a real difference in helping women reach their full leadership potential in business, government, nonprofits and wherever leadership is needed.

They are the Women’s Leadership Institute ( in Utah and the Idaho Women in Leadership ( Both organizations seek to elevate the stature and status of female leadership with programs to increase the percentage of women in leadership positions, close the gender pay gap, provide leadership development, mentoring and sponsorship programs, and recruit women to run for and succeed in public office.  

I encourage women (and men) to get involved with these organizations and support them financially. I encourage women who want to develop leadership skills or to run for political office to visit the websites of these organizations and check out their programs and opportunities.

I appreciate the great women leaders at Zions Bank and their contributions to the success of our business.

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