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Crawfish Traps and Gear

Chris Redgrave | Photos courtesy of Crayster Jul 1, 2019
two dudes with crawfish traps
Jake and Mike Burrell

What started as a father-son crabbing activity in the Pacific Northwest for Mike Burrell and his son, Jake, has since turned into a successful business known as Crayster.

Jake loved crabbing, but there was a problem. They live in Idaho. After research and experiments, they created a crawfish trap they could use closer to home. They launched Crayster after being awarded a patent, which is quite a distinction because only 10 percent of patent applications are awarded. Now they’re shipping the product across the U.S.

Crayster sells crawfish traps and gear through its website You choose a trap size and style, and within a single outing you can catch pounds of crawfish. Crawfish are so plentiful that in many areas they’re considered an invasive species, so there’s usually no danger of overfishing.

Mike Burrell invites his customers to become field researchers and send in pictures of their catches to post on the company website and earn prizes and bragging rights. He especially likes pictures of big crawfish.

If you’re not sure how to prepare the crawfish you’ve caught, a portion of Crayster’s website is dedicated to crawfish cooking with recipes and YouTube videos created by Burrell, his team and customers.

Pro Crayster
PO Box 431
Iona, ID 83227

people at a crawfish feast
men by coolers containing food
young boy holding a crawdad
dude with crayfish

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