Speaking on Business: Lantis Fireworks

Tailor-made Pyrotechnic Shows

Chris Redgrave | Photos courtesy of Lantis Fireworks Jul 1, 2019
Ken Lantis standing by firework shells
Ken Lantis
Photo by Kevin Kiernan

Ken Lantis was only a year old when his dad, Merl Lantis, opened a small fireworks stand in South Dakota. Merl had a deep passion for fireworks and began expanding his business throughout the state. In the early 1970s, Ken moved to Utah and started Lantis Fireworks — now a third-generation business in operation for more than 40 years. Ken is at the helm, assisted by his daughters, Catherine and Anna.

Lantis Fireworks provides professional fireworks and laser display shows throughout Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona and Alaska. In fact, you can see its fireworks shows at the Salt Lake Bees, Ogden Raptors and Orem Owlz baseball games.

In addition, Lantis Fireworks produces tailor-made shows for weddings, private events, casinos and funerals. They have a deeply loyal customer base with long-term clients who have used their services for 20-plus years. Ken’s goal is to produce flawless shows, wow customers and leave the blast area impeccably clean.

He is also committed to educating fire services and pyrotechnic teams on firework safety. Ken is a professional blaster and tests fireworks for the federal government. This is truly a family business with most of his extended family involved in the fireworks industry.

Lantis Fireworks & Lasers

firework shells
fireworks in the night sky
fireworks right after sunset

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