Speaking on Business: Huntington Learning Center

Personalized Tutoring Services

Chris Redgrave | Photos by Kevin Kiernan Jan 9, 2019

Every child learns differently. Some need more personalized help one-on-one with a teacher or mentor.

When searching for a solution to help his daughter improve her reading and math scores, Jeremiah Lim discovered Huntington Learning Center. The experience was so beneficial, that he and his wife, Shirley, opened their own center in South Jordan recently, and business is going strong.

Huntington Learning Center offers personalized tutoring services and test prep for kids in kindergarten through high school. Each student who comes to the center receives a comprehensive academic evaluation, after which the Huntington team creates a program targeting their specific needs.

It’s a concept developed by founders Ray and Eileen Huntington, who got frustrated seeing so many students fall behind because they needed more than what one teacher could give. Huntington Learning Center has grown to include 300 centers in 41 states.

Huntington Learning Center
5474 W Daybreak Pkwy, Ste G5
South Jordan, UT 84009

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