Speaking on Business: Park n’ Jet

Time-saving Services

Chris Redgrave | Photos by Kevin Kiernan Mar 15, 2019
Liz Dalton

Every year the Salt Lake City International Airport serves approximately 22 million passengers. While some are simply passing through, many passengers are local and need a safe and secure place to park their vehicle while they travel for business or pleasure. Park n’ Jet is a Utah family-owned business that has assisted travelers with parking near the airport for more than 30 years.

Park n’ Jet offers travelers a fast and friendly airport shuttle experience from its two lots close to the airport. People avoid the stress, delay and confusion of finding a spot at sometimes-crowded airport parking lots. Another benefit is that Park n’ Jet’s shuttle service picks you up at your vehicle and transports you and your luggage to the ticketing counter. A shuttle will also pick you up at the baggage claim area upon your return.

In addition, you may sign up for an oil change, detail service or enjoy a car wash at Park n’ Jet’s North Temple location, called the Mountain Lot. Owner Liz Dalton says their customers appreciate these time-saving services and coming back to a beautiful and clean car.

Park n’ Jet offers promotions on social media and a rewards program for free parking and discounted car services. The Paulson and Kimball families purchased Park n’ Jet in 1998 and have successfully transitioned their company to the second generation.

Park n’ Jet
2200 W North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

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