Speaking on Business: Intermountain Paper

Creating a Positive Impact

Chris Redgrave | Photos by Kevin Kiernan Mar 15, 2019
Mark Radford

For Mark Radford, president of Intermountain Paper, success is not measured by profits alone but by the value created for the customer. As a packaging wholesaler and distributor, Radford says anybody can sell a box, so his goal is to create superior value and a tremendous positive impact on his customers’ businesses.

Intermountain Paper in Idaho Falls supplies a variety of packaging, from basic cardboard to lithographic boxes. It also sells automated equipment like machines that tape 60 boxes per minute. Some of Intermountain Paper’s clients include fresh potato packers, processing plants and manufacturing facilities.

Intermountain Paper is 11 years old and going strong. It operated as a provider of steel strapping until 2008 when Radford had to figure out how to help the company survive. He decided to move into the agricultural sector, a smart idea since Idaho’s ag industry is growing faster than U.S. agriculture, accounting for 20 percent of the state’s total sales and 14 percent of jobs.

Radford is optimistic about the future. He sees potential regional growth as the company continues to create value for businesses in Idaho and nationally as its online presence expands with a new website.

Intermountain Paper
P.O. Box 50922
Idaho Falls, ID 83405

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