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Enjoy Every Moment

Rob Brough Mar 15, 2019
Rob Brough and his son Jordan
Rob Brough and his son, Jordan, attend a performance of the Broadway hit "Wicked" in downtown Salt Lake City.

Twenty-two years ago this month, I began my employment at Zions Bank. I was a 26-year old kid. Holly and I had been married a little over two years, and our oldest son, Jordan, was two months old.

“Enjoy every moment,” I have been told over the years. “They grow up so fast.” “It’s over before you know it.” “You’ll wake up one day and he’ll be married.”

Well, that wake up is about to occur.

Holly and I are getting ready to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, we have three children, and Jordan is getting married at the end of this month.

Reflecting back over the past 22 years of Jordan’s life, I am flooded with memories. I’m amazed at how our greatest sources of worry, stress, heartache and chaos can also be our greatest sources of comfort, happiness, joy and peace.

I remember …

Holding Jordan for the first time and experiencing what love at first sight really means.

The excitement of his first steps, first words and first tooth.

The concern over ear infections, RSV, pneumonia, a broken arm and numerous other times of illness.

His first day of kindergarten.

Milestone moments at ages 8 and 12.

Little league baseball games, swimming lessons, soccer games and basketball games.

The challenges of the middle-school years.

The terrifying, yet liberating feelings when he got his driver’s license. Followed by his first speeding ticket. His first car accident. His second car accident.

First dates and first kisses.

Painful mistakes and redemptive recoveries.

Lacrosse, lacrosse and even more lacrosse. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the travel and the friends.

The painful joy of saying goodbye for two years when he did missionary service for our church and the singular exhilaration of welcoming him home.

And now a new chapter in his life (and ours) is about to begin.

If I had it to do all over again, there are things I would do differently, words I would take back and decisions I would change. There are undeniably numerous mistakes I have made as a father. However, I would not change a single experience. Every event — good or bad — has contributed to the whole of who Jordan has become and who I am.

I’m not through being his dad, and he’s not through being my son. That relationship will never change. We are just getting a new daughter who is loved by our son, and one day soon we will say to them, “Enjoy every moment” … because we sure have.

Rob Brough
Executive Vice President
Corporate Marketing and Communications

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