Bryan Mark Taylor

Painter, Entrepreneur, World Traveler

Amy Steinbrech | Photos by Kevin Kiernan Sep 12, 2018

For Bryan Mark Taylor, a recent 10-day journey to China with his wife and four young children to capture images of the countryside was all in a day’s work. He’s also found artistic inspiration in countries such as Italy, France, Cuba, Mexico and Slovenia, to name a few. To say the world-renowned artist has a traveling bug is an understatement.

His work has netted numerous awards at the nation’s most prestigious painting invitationals and is shown in museums across the country and as part of private collections around the world. It has also been featured in many art magazines.

Preserving the Past Through Art

Taylor’s passion is documenting the past through his paintings. He is inspired by scenery outside his home in Alpine, Utah, such as old barns and orchards, and wants to record these pieces of history before they disappear.

“The old brick and mortar buildings are being replaced by cheaper products that don’t have the same beauty or charm,” he laments. “These changes are happening here as well as all over the world.”

He views his job as capturing areas that still have authenticity and have not been overrun by tourists. As Cuba became more accessible to U.S. tourism and business growth, Taylor felt the urgency of recording the country’s essence before rapid socioeconomic and political changes took place.

“The country looked as if it had been frozen in time since the 1950s,” Taylor says about his visit to Cuba. “I feel like I’m painting period pieces there.”

In his travels to China, Taylor documents the charm of the fishing communities in the southern part of the country before the boats are subject to government-mandated removal.  

“In China they are moving away from the old ways and are going full speed ahead with modernism,” Taylor notes. “It is important to preserve these images before they are gone.”

Painting Real Life

Taylor is most at home outdoors painting directly from real life using a natural color palette. With his easel and paints in hand, he “sets up shop” on location. “I try to give the viewer an impression of how it feels to be in a particular place at a particular time,” he says. “Painting directly from life is an important part of my artistic process.”

His artistic vision is focused on capturing the environments people live in, how they shape them and how those environments reflect who they are. In painting an old Chinese junk, for example, he feels he is painting a portrait of those who spend their lives on the boat. 

“These paintings are often a truer portrayal of an individual or group than if I were to paint an actual portrait of them,” Taylor says.

Businessman and Inventor

In addition to his artistic talents, Taylor is also a savvy entrepreneur. He completed a series of instructional DVDs to inspire and teach artists to paint their natural environment. He also invented the STRADA Easel, a bestselling premium brand travel easel sold around the world.

“It’s lightweight, portable and indestructible,” he explains. “You can pop it in a backpack and go anywhere. I can easily travel with my gear to paint the alleyways of Europe, the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula and even the Great Wall of China.”

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