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Customer Service Excellence a Reflection of Zions’ Values

A. Scott Anderson Apr 30, 2018

Community magazine readers probably know that Zions Bank’s tagline is, “We Haven’t Forgotten Who Keeps Us in Business.”

For us, that isn’t just a slogan. We strive to live by those words every day, in every branch. They remind us that providing value to each client and customer is our No. 1 job. If we do that job well, everything else will fall into place. When a family prospers, when a business grows, when a couple purchases their first home, the entire community benefits.

We focus all of our products and services with laser-like intensity on helping communities, businesses, families and individuals enjoy financial health and prosperity.

We’re able to focus on individual customers because we are hyper-local, with 121 branches in neighborhoods and communities in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. We also maintain close relationships with clients because we have ties to their communities and neighborhoods. Our employees are enthusiastic community members who are engaged in many charitable and nonprofit local activities.

A. Scott Anderson, Zions Bank President and CEO
A. Scott Anderson, Zions Bank President and CEO

I’m pleased that experts who monitor the banking industry are noticing our commitment to excellence. Zions has been cited with regional and national awards for its quality customer service, in particular by our relationship managers who serve our clients.

For example, Zions Bancorporation received 16 Greenwich Excellence Awards for the year ended 2017. These awards are based on more than 30,000 market research interviews with businesses nationwide evaluating more than 600 banks. Since the award’s inception in 2009, only three other U.S. banks have consistently received as many Greenwich Excellence Awards as Zions Bancorporation.

In addition, Zions has been recognized with middle market awards in the Overall Client Satisfaction and Cash Management Overall Satisfaction category every year since 2009. Zions received distinction in virtually every Cash Management category (nine of 11), showcasing the high value that our customers have consistently placed on our cash management solutions and service.

Harris Simmons, chairman and CEO of Zions Bancorporation, says, “We are honored to have been recognized once again by these awards for what we believe are some of the best products and services available in the industry. It is a testament to our commitment to our customers that we were recognized for overall customer satisfaction in both middle market and small business banking.”

These awards are a reflection of our values that we seek to emulate every day:

  • We are a community bank with the unique ability to offer a full array of financial services to clients throughout our market area.
  • Our goal is to create value — value for our clients; value for the communities we serve; value for our employees.
  • We endeavor to be conservatively entrepreneurial, nimble, innovative and energetic in creating solutions for our clients, while being judicious in our acceptance of risks.
  • We recognize banking is a local business and to be successful, we must maintain strong ties to the communities we serve and strong relationships with clients.
  • We strive to make our clients stronger by creating economic opportunity for them. Our goal is to provide products and services that strengthen our clients. We want to be proud of the clients with which we’re associated, and we want them to be proud to be associated with us.
  • We want to be actively engaged in important community issues and to help provide creative solutions to community needs.
  • Above all, our business is conducted with integrity, decency and privacy. We recognize the value of diversity and strive to treat clients, employees and even competitors with respect and appreciation, regardless of our differing backgrounds and situations. We will demonstrate by our product offerings, policies, procedures, pricing and service that “We Haven’t Forgotten Who Keeps Us in Business.”

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