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High-quality Handmade Chunky Knit Blankets

Chris Redgrave | Product photos courtesy of Lane and Mae Mar 12, 2018

Jodi Horton was inspired to start her business, Lane and Mae, when looking for a gift for her sister. She saw chunky knit blankets she loved but wasn’t impressed with the product quality. She thought, “Why not make one myself?” And this became the catalyst for her business venture.

Lane and Mae creates beautiful, handmade chunky knit blankets made from 100 percent Merino wool, which is all-natural and can’t be matched by any synthetic material for its high quality and softness. Each blanket is designed to be a work of art and is handmade to order. Blankets come in four colors and three sizes with natural-based dyes to maintain product quality. Horton selects her wool for Lane and Mae from around the world.

Woman standing by window
Jodi Horton
Photo by Kevin Kiernan
Chunky gray knit blanket on a yellow chair

At first, she was worried she needed a stockpile of blankets, but she quickly discovered people don’t mind waiting for something they know is high quality. Her first clients were interior designers. However, Lane and Mae took off in early 2017 when a high-end skincare company discovered the blankets and requested one for an ad campaign.

How did she come up the name for her company? Her daughter’s name is Delaney and Horton’s middle name is Mae — a name she shares with her grandmother.

Lane and Mae

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