4 Joyful Travel Trends

The Only Thing You Can Buy That Makes You Richer

Conner Newbold Mar 12, 2018

At last count, more than half of Americans didn’t use all their vacation time. Sadly, a total of 658 million vacation days went unused — enough for 150 million weekend getaways, 82,000 exotic cruises, or nearly 15,000 months of backpacking expeditions.

Pair that with a recent study confirming that not only do experiences bring more joy than things, but life is more enjoyable while anticipating the experience, and you’ve got no excuse to stop what you’re doing and book a vacation. 

Travel for relaxation, invigoration, education, family time or whatever floats your boat. The reason doesn’t matter as much as just making it happen. To help you on your way, we’ve profiled four trendy new ways to spend your vacation days, featuring tips from Linda Smith, expert travel adviser and member of the Andavo Travel President’s Club.

Multigenerational Travel

Who it’s for: 
The patriarch or matriarch looking to build memories with the family — and have someone else clean up the mess.

Break a family reunion — the ultimate logistical nightmare — into smaller, more manageable (and more enjoyable) chunks, and you’ve got multigenerational travel. Fewer people means more quality time and less expense. Here, grandparents can build relationships with children and grandchildren in ways they never could at the occasional family gathering. 

Tip from a travel adviser:
“Since grandparents often bankroll these trips, cruises and all-inclusive resorts are great for multigenerational travel. You pay for everything up front, then you don’t have to worry about getting nickeled and dimed the entire time.”

Experiential Travel

Who it’s for:
The fearless, cultured traveler seeking authenticity, adventure and all things exotic.

When it comes to experiential travel, if you’re not out of your comfort zone, you haven’t gone far enough. These travelers scour the earth for unique destinations, then immerse themselves in native cultural experiences. It’s not just Amsterdam, it’s private lessons with a Dutch chocolatier. Sure, Ireland is great — but how about a week shadowing an Irish dairy farmer?

Tip from a travel adviser:
“Branch out. Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Iceland — these experiences are harder to get to, but they’re absolutely worth it.”


Who it’s for:
Those who aren’t afraid to work harder on vacation than they would at home — but for a far better cause.

Bringing life-sustaining supplies to starving children has a way of making you forget the petty stressors of first-world office life. It may not be the easiest or most fun travel trend, but it is likely the most rewarding. Just be sure to research your host organization well. Many shady “charities” are happy to take your money and waste your time on projects that appear productive, but do more harm than good.

Tip from a travel adviser:
“Humanitarian travel is getting big, but not because it’s free. It’s not a cheap thing. You’re going to help people, but you’ve still got to cover all of your expenses.”

Celebration Travel

Who it’s for:
Anyone with a reason to celebrate — think honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and promotions.

Whether a spontaneous getaway or a well-planned incentive, celebratory travel is whatever you want it to be. A solo trip to a mountain hideaway or an energetic party of friends touring the nightlife of a new city. The choice is yours. Enjoy it.

Tip from a travel adviser:
“Price is what it is. You get what you pay for. But sometimes, it only takes a little more money to make the experience a lot more memorable.”

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