Speaking on Business: Water Quality Solutions

This project has been four-and-a-half years in the making from conception to market.

Chris Redgrave Mar 1, 2017

Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle. And the product Rand Lewis of Water Quality Solutions in Moscow, Idaho, created is called HONU because it looks like a turtle. This “turtle,” however, has far-reaching benefits. It’s a floating circulation system with the cleansing power to make stagnant ponds healthy.

The system is designed to float in ponds and lagoons to create circulation that constantly moves the water. It has an impellor that brings water up from the bottom to the surface and creates a vortex. The system is strong enough to cover an area 150 feet from the unit in all directions. In larger ponds, Rand says it’s possible to run two units.

The circulation eliminates algae and bacteria simply by moving it regularly. It brings bad bacteria to the surface so Mother Nature can kill it and adds oxygen to the water, which serves as a further purification agent. Lewis says this unit makes water healthier for fish and opens it for other uses, like fertilizing crops without chemicals.

The idea for the HONU came when a rancher in Eastern Washington approached Lewis about marketing a circulation system for dairies. Lewis decided to pursue the concept with freshwater stagnant ponds, which used the same biology. His work led to the founding of Water Quality Solutions.

This project has been four-and-a-half years in the making from conception to market. The company is in the throes of an extensive marketing effort, including a new website, Lewis says Water Quality Solutions’ present customer base is freshwater users like golf courses, recreational ponds and wastewater facilities. But the technology is useful for anyone with stagnant ponds.

Water Quality Solutions
896 W. Palouse River Dr.
Moscow, ID 83843

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