Elite Entrepreneur Showcase

Zions Bank opens doors for aspiring business leaders.

Adam Young Mar 1, 2017

Startup companies from along the Wasatch Front recently gathered in the Founders Room of the Zions Bank Building in downtown Salt Lake City for a networking event and an opportunity to learn from other aspiring entrepreneurs. The Elite Entrepreneur Showcase — organized and managed by Mike Winder, director of Entrepreneurship Programs for Zions Bank — helps open doors and opportunities for business leaders seeking to expand and grow their businesses, especially for those who are college students.

Zions Bank Executive Vice President Rob Brough told attendees, “Zions Bank wants to be with each of you every step of the way as you grow your business. We are thrilled to offer this opportunity for you to find similar synergies and to bring value to our state and communities.”

New Business Develops Donation App

One company in attendance talked about their efforts to eliminate used products and apparel that ends up in the local landfills. “Our biggest competitor is the trash can,” said GiveIt COO Brian Jackson. “Our app is a donation pickup opportunity for customers to donate used items without having to drive to a local donation center.” The company receives pickup requests through the app, and then facilitates getting the lightly used items into the hands of those in need across the world.

Entrepreneur Brings Ideas Into Reality

Another local company, Klugonyx, is focused on helping other companies — large and small — develop their products. “From the basic design stage to even the fundraising stage of business, we help our customers bring their business ideas into reality,” said Chief Revenue Officer Tara DeLong. According to DeLong, Klugonyx recently helped design a new construction shovel for a nationally recognized company, and it’s touted as the most durable shovel on the market today.

Zions Offers Resources and Connections

“It is thrilling that we can offer so many great resources to these startups,” Winder said. “We connect them with opportunities both within the bank and within the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem to really help their ideas take off.”

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