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Breanna Olaveson Jul 1, 2017

Retail business owners have a lot of questions. What should we sell? Where should we sell it? But perhaps the most important question — how do we get paid? — has one simple answer. Clover point-of-sale and business management solutions from First Data Merchant Services enable companies to accept traditional credit cards, EMV chip cards and near-field communication technology like Apple Pay. But Clover products also do much more, from gathering business data to supporting rewards programs to tracking inventory.

“The Clover family allows customers to rethink what merchant services is,” says Cody Kocherhans, Zions Bank inside sales manager. “When a business processes a card, the Clover device can capture general information on who’s buying, what they’re buying, and what the hot-selling items are. In addition, businesses can download tailored apps that provide a lot of functionality — the most popular can run time clock management, which creates schedules and emails them to employees. It will even send out reminders to employees an hour before a shift starts, and if someone doesn’t show up, it will send an email to the owner.”

In short, Clover is in the business of taking care of business.

A Perfect Fit

Following are four Clover product options that differ in size, capability and purpose:

• Clover Station is the most powerful, productive product, designed to support large businesses. It has a touchscreen device, connectivity hub, receipt printer and cash drawer. It has the software capability to process payments, track inventory, run reports, manage time sheets and more.

• Clover Mini is a powerful, full-featured smaller cousin to the Clover Station. The Clover Mini offers swipe, EMV chip and mobile phone payments and is also fully customizable with apps that streamline accounting, inventory, marketing, gift cards and more.

• Clover Mobile is a portable product designed to get the job done quickly and on-the-go. Clover Mobile is ideal for businesses like food trucks, merchandise sellers at festivals and retailers at trade shows.

• Clover Go is the smallest, most portable product in the Clover lineup and connects wirelessly with a tablet or smartphone. This option is popular with small, home-run businesses and with service professionals who take payments in customers’ homes.

The Price is Right

With so many features, customers usually expect to pay premium prices for Clover products.

“Some other point-of-sale systems our customers use can sell for more than $10,000,” Kocherhans says. “In the majority of situations, we get these set up and working for a fraction of the cost. Our customers can’t believe the functionality our products have and think it must require a massive investment, but that isn’t the case.”

The Support You Need

The entire Clover family comes out of the box with efficient, fast payment processing features and online support for whatever questions you may have. That personal touch with Clover begins early. When new customers purchase a Clover product, a representative calls for a one-on-one consultation to make sure the product does what the customer needs it to. You can learn more about Clover on its website,


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