Speaking on Business: New Orientation

More people discover the store every day.

Chris Redgrave Jan 1, 2017

New Orientation owner Neena Ashton is proud to offer a unique selection of items in her new retail location such as sassy greeting cards, Kate Spade products, jewelry, and seasonal merchandise like velvet pumpkins and “Just Married” flip-flops. Ashton says New Orientation, located in the Foothill Village Shopping Center in Salt Lake City, is so original that every day has a different vibe. Even after 30 years in business, more people discover the store every day and others return just to see what’s new.

In addition to cards, jewelry and other personal products, Ashton sells beautiful pieces for your home, like classic fine china. She carries a line from a French company, Bernardaud, which is the same one the Four Seasons Hotel uses for its room service and is durable and surprisingly affordable.

One of New Orientation’s most popular features is its bridal registry. It’s a party when you register while drinking tea, eating cookies or sipping on champagne if you’d like. Clients purchasing from the registry will find a wide range of gifts from which to choose.

Adding to the success of Ashton’s brick and mortar operation is her revamped website that has breathed new life into New Orientation. Check it out at

New Orientation
1400 Foothill Drive #162
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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